Our Aims

The Aims of MFI Foundation

  • To support rural peoples.
  • To carry out and implement all kinds of poverty reduction programs procuring resources from home and abroad.
  • Piloting various innovative socio-economic development program and social development programs and poverty alleviation.
  • To carry out development programs for creation of gainful employment for poor people.
  • To help the poor, disadvantaged, and deprived people, with special preference to the women, children, physically handicapped and the youth to become self-reliant by involving them in various development activities.
  • To pursue initiatives that eradicates illiteracy among those who are socially bonded and economically deprived and to ensure child and adult education. To provide education to unemployed youth who are deprived of public school education or have dropped out of school so that they may learn income-generating skills and improve their living standards, both socially and economically.
  • To create opportunities for deprived women so that they may participate in and benefit from the Foundation’s development activities and to ensure that these women have opportunities to advance themselves.
  • To raise awareness among the target group about primary health care, treatment and family planning.
  • To encourage people utilize local resources in a sustainable manner.
  • To enhance the Foundation’s knowledge and experience of development education; to conduct seminars, workshop, and conferences to accurately identify obstacles to development initiatives in Bangladesh; and to encourage and share the Foundation’s observations in this regard by forming a committee and an observation group.
  • To arrange a library, to publish information on social research while observing the success of self-development programs, and to analyze related problems.
  • To maintain friendly relationships with other development societies and to share the Foundation’s expertise to help other Foundation is for improving of their program.
  • To help rural-based Foundation’s economic activities and prepare appropriate activity reports and to provide guidance by evaluating their activities and reports.
  • To introduce the Foundation’s own programs in order to improve social, economic and environmental living conditions and to work with local organization to implement these programs successfully.
  • To take all necessary steps to develop the workers skills by providing education and training on human development and self-reliant.
  • To institute and conduct vocational as well professional training centers for the   expansion of the Foundation and to sell and purchase educational, vocational and agricultural materials for this purpose.
  • To purchase, sell, add, or transfer flexible and fixed assets of the Foundation.
  • To purchase, collect or import machinery, equipment, and raw materials for profitable projects and to sell the finished products.
  • To encourage the proliferation of small cottage industries in Bangladesh and to establish and operate the Foundation’s own cottage industries.
  • To sign agreements with government agencies for mutual co-operation benefiting both sides and as consistent with Foundation’s objectives.
  • To provide financial help from the Foundation to the poor for improvement their life style subject to refundable with lump sum interest/profit.
  • To receive donation of any types or any size at any time for any social activities from Bangladeshi or foreign donor agencies or organization or funds or renowned person(s).
  • To receive subscriptions/claims any types or any size at any time for any social activities from Bangladeshi or foreign agencies or organization or funds or renowned person(s).
  • To undertake relief and rehabilitation programs and to participate in joint programs during times of cyclones, flood or other natural disasters.
  • To establish schools, colleges and others educational and training institute.
  • To set up orphanages for distressed babies.
  • To set up old homes for old and senior communities.
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