Message from the Trustee Chair

Dear Friends and Fellows,

Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to our info site.

You shall be pleased to be informed that Dr. Muhammad Fakhrul Islam Foundation (MFIF) is registered with the government of the people’s republics of Bangladesh as a charity organization and working for the welfare of helpless old persons, babies, and other downtrodden people of Bangladesh.

Like our country, our dearest homeland Bangladesh where the vast majority of people’s lives below the poverty line offers a tremendous amount of opportunities to render service to the underprivileged community; peoples even do not know what will happen in their lives tomorrow, it is very hard to establish-survive and continue charity organizations here. We; as a non-political, non-profitable and non-government organization; trying level best to ensure a better today, for a dream full tomorrow. We do believe; to evolve an improved method of raising the present living standard of downtrodden people by cost-effective utilization of our limited resources, preserving the energy of finding alternative energy source, conserving the environment, ensuring safe water and food, improving productivity in the field & factors, health care, education and to provide other basic needs of the society particularly of the poverty-stricken population. Among the lines of many famous and large charities, our trying may very little. But we want to do something within our ability.

Count of destitute old age people in Bangladesh is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Factors playing a major role in increasing this number are globalization, decreasing moral values, nuclear families, and other socio-economic factors. There are many old age homes functioning in Bangladesh that are either paid homes or admit only those old persons who can care him/her selves and are mentally and physically fit. Dr. Muhammad Fakhrul Islam Foundation (MFIF) has taken this initiative to serve bedridden and mentally upset aged persons suffering from disorders. Presently, our OLD AGE HOME, located in Sarulia, Demra, Dhaka, is running as a model of Charity in Bangladesh. We are going to establish and run numbers of old age homes in Dhaka as well as throughout Bangladesh soon.

We are managing an ORPHANAGE consisting of 70 (seventy) different needs level babies including orphans. We are ensuring them good lodge with a sound education.

We are running an almost Free Ambulance Service from Demra to other parts of Dhaka city and carrying numbers of poor patients to hospitals every day. Our Ambulances are on service 24/7.

The foundation has taken the initiative to bury or cremate dead bodies that cannot be identified or cannot be taken care of by the family. In this program, other religious people except for Muslims also been benefited. We are receiving and serving a good number of poor death with this program.

Many male children – even grownups – carry within them a secret sorrow and shame because they have been never been circumcised. While some parents celebrate their son’s circumcision by spending thousands of taka, others cannot afford to pay the few hundred takas it takes for a simple circumcision. Our Foundation’s circumcision program providing these people this much-needed service. We want to support underprivileged children, even adults who had been deprived of circumcision in their childhood due to economic reasons are taking advantage of this service.

We have many dreams to make our society peaceful and rich with happiness. We believe we need to care about humanity before religion. We are working hard for the betterment of society with humane kindness within our limited ability. The fewer social worker can be found; operating these kinds of charity in our age. Maximum of our fellows are young and aged below 30. At this age, people save money for their future. But we are serving distressed people with our savings. We are mentally sound than financially. We are physically active than our economic strength. We do believe; almighty will be with us, as we are saving HIS creations. As our unlimited dreams are a burden for us, if we try to comes them true alone. So, we are requesting other big concerns to support us.

God bless every wise initiative.

Rtn. Dr. ISLAM, Muhammad Fakhrul, Babu, PhD, MPHF, B, PHS
Trustee Chair, 2019-2022